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About Us.

Our goal is for people to be able to wear the sneakers they like best and have accessibility to them at a much lower cost than they can get at any retail store and provide them with the same passion to collect or wear any type of sneakers.
That is why we have a wide variety of sizes to meet everyone’s needs, making a difference in the shoe industry, with the best price on the market.

We are two brothers with a great love and a great passion for sneakers and with a spirit of entrepreneurship. We were born and grew up in Venezuela, but after emigrating to the United States we realized that trends in the world of sneakers were what most caught our attention since in our native country these fashion trends were not seen much.

What’s The Catch?

We always get that question and the answer is: There’s no catch.
The only reason why we can offer large quantities at the best prices on the market is because our sneakers are “Unauthorized Authentic”. Each item here is made for retail parts with limited number of quantities.

Checkout our wide range of options.
We put a lot of effort into ensuring that every part of every shoe looks the same as the retail pair.

What Does UA Mean?

All of our sneakers are UA (Unauthorized Authentic). That means they were produced or manufactured with the same exact materials, and accessories (if any) as the official retail pairs, but not meant for resale purposes.

Actual Box with double-layered box wrapping is included in every order to ensure they reach you in a great hands.